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Man Bikes From Fla. to D.C. to Stop Deportations

Francisco Diaz, 41, is biking to Washington D.C. to ask President Barack Obama to stop deportations.



    NBC 6 South Florida
    Francisco Diaz, who is "Pedaling for 20 Million Dreams" to Washington D.C., plans to give President Barack Obama this pen and ask him to stop deportations.

    Francisco Diaz took off pedaling from Florida on Sunday for his 1,000-plus mile ride to Washington, D.C.

    The 41-year-old carpenter, who has lived in the United States illegally for the last 14 years, is "Pedaling for 20 Million Dreams." His goal is to reach D.C. and ask President Barack Obama to stop deportations.

    Diaz, who is from Mexico City, arrived to Homestead in 1998. He has been married to a U.S. citizen for the last 12 years, but hasn't been able to adjust his status.

    "I want to do this because every day I see too many families broken, because it's too many deportations every day," Diaz said.

    Diaz recently had to say goodbye to his brother-in-law and niece who were deported. He said he raised his niece like a daughter.

    On the trip, Diaz will carry with him a pen that he said he'll present to President Obama once he reaches D.C.

    "He has the power to sign a paper to stop deportations," Diaz said.