Potomac River Tops List of Most Endangered Rivers in the United States

River could become unsafe to drink, unable to sustain wildlife

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    The Potomac River is now considered the most endangered river in the United States for 2012, reports American Rivers. Not only is the Potomac supposed to provide drinking water for over five million people, it creates an abundance amount of resources that are needed for our area.

    One of the main threats to the Potomac River is the type of pollution that surrounds it. Some causes of pollution are the urban environment from the cities that encompass this river. For instance, being near fast food restaurants, the Potomac frequently has trash or leftovers discarded into its waters. If the problems continue, the Potomac River water could become unsafe to drink and unable to sustain wildlife. Recreational activities around the river could be also be stopped.

    American Rivers reports that the problem could remain if the clean water protections are rolled back by Congress, making it more difficult to keep these rivers clean. With the Potomac River being connected to the Chesapeake Bay, this small problem could be become something much larger