Police: Metro Worker Sold Stolen Defibrillators Online

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    A WMATA infrastructure support worker was arrested Thursday for allegedly stealing defibrillators from stations and selling them online. Pat Collins reports.

    A WMATA employee was arrested Thursday for allegedly stealing automatic external defibrillators - known as AEDs -  from Metro facilities and selling them online.

    Officials say the employee stole more than a dozen AEDs from Metro facilities, each worth approximately $1,400, then sold them on eBay.

    According to a news release from Metro Transit Police, 40-year-old Derrick Davis of Laurel was charged with theft.

    Undercover officers contacted Davis through the website to purchase an AED for $300. After the transaction between an officer and Davis was completed Wednesday at a convenience store, Davis was arrested.

    Davis allegedly stole 13 AEDs, valued at a total of about $18,000.

    Davis worked to support Metrorail's infrastructure, WMATA said in the news release. He was immediately suspended after the arrest.

    Additional charges may be filed, police indicated.