Landon School Faces $2 Million Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

Former executive claims he was fired for reporting discrimination

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    A former executive has filed a $2 million lawsuit against a prestigious private school in Bethesda, Md.

    Timothy Harrison, the former Director of the Office of Finance and Operations at the Landon School, is suing for wrongful termination. He claims he was fired for reporting discrimination against Hispanic maintenance workers. The workers claim they were abused and called ethnic slurs.

    "The discrimination has been going on for 18 years," Harrison told the Gazette. "It has to stop. I brought it to the attention of the headmaster who chose to do nothing about it."

    The Landon School released a statement calling the allegations in the lawsuit "inaccurate and misleading."

    The statement reads, in part, "The School has a longstanding commitment to treat all members of the community -- employees, students and others -- fairly and without regard to race, ethnicity or gender.

    "Landon has policies and procedures in place that ensure that reports of improper behavior are considered promptly and fully, and appropriate actions are taken."