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Parade and Ceremonial Swearing-in Held January 21, 2013

Inauguration Tree Protester Ordered to Stay Out of D.C.



    A man who was trying to make a political statement climbed a tree on the National Mall shortly before the swearing-in ceremony.

    A California man's Inauguration Day antics were too much for a D.C. judge, who banned him from the city.

    Rives Grogan climbed a small tree near the U.S. Capitol Monday and stayed up there for about five hours, yelling anti-abortion slogans and disrupting the swearing-in ceremony for people nearby.

    Grogan has been arrested several times in the District for disorderly or unlawful conduct.

    He has been ordered to stay out of D.C. while the case is pending, except for court appearances or attorney meetings.


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