"Hitler" License Plate Recalled in Virginia

DMV takes back license plate with questionable meaning

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    Many drivers express themselves through vanity license plates.  But apparently, some people in Virginia felt that one plate went too far.

    On Tuesday, the DMV recalled a plate that read “14CV88.”  The decision to recall it was made after people complained that the plate made references glorifying Adolf Hitler.

    The “88” is sometimes a coded reference to Heil Hitler, as each word begins with the eight letter of the alphabet.

    The “14” is thought to stand for the number of words in a white supremacist credo.

    The “CV” is an apparent reference to the Sons of the Confederate Veterans.

    The Council on American-Islamic Relations was among the groups offended by the plate.  The truck bearing the plates also featured graphics of the Confederate flag and the phrase "Everything I ever needed to know about Islam I learned on 9/11."

    The DMV says the specialized plate was issued in March 2009.  After reviewing complaints, a DMV committee determined that the letters and numbers could reasonably be construed as racially or ethnically disparaging.