Fairfax Man Accused of Secretly Working for Pakistan Pleads Guilty

Money came from Pakistani intelligence agency

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    A Fairfax, Va., man has pleaded guilty to secretly receiving millions of dollars from Pakistan's spy service while lobbying Congress for more than a decade on the disputed Kashmir territory.

    On Wednesday in Alexandria, 62-year-old Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai, who ran the D.C.-based Kashmiri American Council, pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy and impeding the Internal Revenue Service.

    Fai admitted receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars a year from Pakistani intelligence, but never disclosed those links while serving as a supposedly independent lobbyist on Kashmir, a disputed territory on the India-Pakistan border.

    After the hearing, Fai's lawyer, Nina Ginsberg, said that while Fai admits illegally receiving more than $3.5 million from Pakistan's intelligence agency, he insists his lobbying work was his own and not directed by Pakistan.