Abduction Charges Added in Case of Unlicensed Daycare

Tara A. Loop told her daughter to move three children to another home, police say

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    A woman accused of operating an unlicensed daycare in Prince William County is now facing three charges of abduction, police said Monday.

    Tara Angelyn Loop was charged with four counts of cruelty to children last week.

    Police say Loop ran Growing Minds Daycare out of her home on Somerworth Drive in Manassas without a license.


    Detectives have learned that while police and Child Protective Service workers were investigating Loop's home last Tuesday, she told her daughter to move three children to another home.

    Those children, all younger than four years old, were moved without their parents' permission, police said.

    The investigation began last week when police received a complaint that there were too many children in the home. When they arrived, they found six young children in the home with Loop and her 16-year-old daughter. That number doesn't include the three who were moved.

    Three of the children in the home, all younger than two years old, were found unsupervised in another room.

    At the time, Loop was charged with one count of cruelty for each of the three children left unattended, and one count for making her daughter work long hours at the daycare, said Prince William police spokesman Jonathan Perok.