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Ultrasound for Bursting Fat Cells

Lose about an inch per session



    (Published Tuesday, March 6, 2012)

    Laser surgeon Tina Alster is one of the first doctors in the nation to use Liposonix -- a new treatment just approved by the FDA that uses ultrasound technology to melt fat.

    With the use of a high-intensity ultrasound “energy turns into heat and bursts fat cells,” Alster said.

    On the outside, Amber Ryan, of Fairfax, doesn't appear to need work, but she said she has a trouble spot. She doesn’t like what she calls her “muffin top” -- extra fat around her waist. Ryan is trying the new treatment in hope of dropping a dress size without surgery.

    Dr. Alster started the procedure by marking Ryan’s belly. Then there was no surgery nor suctioning -- just the use of ultrasound equipment. The procedure can take up to an hour and half.

    Ryan said it felt warm and tingly. Alster added that patients could feel hot jabs and zingers, too. That’s the fat melting, she said.

    Eventually, the body flushes out the dead fat cells.

    On average, Alster said, patients lose 1 inch of fat in one session. Patients must have at least 1 inch of extra fat around the waist to be considered for the treatment.

    “Most everybody feels like they gained some room in their pants or skirts within a month,” Alster said.

    The procedure costs between $1,500 and $3,000 per session. Full results can take 6-to-12 weeks.

    For Ryan, the countdown to slim down this summer is on.

    “I'll definitely be happy to be in my bikini!”