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Rush Limbaugh Targets D.C. Council Member Mary Cheh in Radio Rant

Radio host takes aim at Ward 3's Mary Cheh




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    Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh targeted D.C. Council member Mary Cheh during his radio broadcast Monday.

    Limbaugh launched into a monologue on Cheh's humane extermination law in relation to Occupy DC's rat problems. That legislation requires exterminators to avoid inflicting unnecessary discomfort, stress or physical harm while they're trapping animals.

    Limbaugh said the policy was an example of the District's liberal political lean. During his rant, he referred to the Ward 3 councilwoman as "This Mary Cheh babe..." and the woman "behind the D.C. plastic bag tax."

    While Cheh was among the supporters of the bag tax legislation, it was Ward 6 council member Tommy Wells who actually introduced the bill.

    Cheh doesn't appear to be concerned about Limbaugh's comments, telling the Washington City Paper, "It's hard to be offended by someone you have no respect for."

    You can hear part of Limbaugh's broadcast here.