Rainy Days, But Also Cooler Days

The worst of the showers that will persist early this week are arriving today -- and they won't even be that bad. The low pressure heading south along the Jersey Shore will bring plenty more clouds and a risk of rain, but little in the way of thunder or serious storms through Tuesday.

By Wednesday, the clouds will have given way to mostly sunny days and pleasant late-summer weather. Sunshine and mid-80s temperatures will dominate on Friday and over the weekend.

More difficult weather could be in store. The wave in the eastern Atlantic Ocean has graduated to tropical depression status, the sixth such storm so far. If it takes on a name, it will be called Hurricane Danielle -- which could happen within 3 days.

Any Atlantic storm is at least 10 days away from the posing a threat to the U.S., so the District is still due some good weather soon.

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