Mosquito Biting Frenzy

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It’s that time of year again: Heavy rains mean mosquitoes are preying for blood.

Michael Raupp, an entomology professor at the University of Maryland, said the ones that roam at night are on high attack. They’re breeding like wild fire.

Raupp said your best safeguard is mosquito repellent. Spray yourself before walking your dogs or taking a stroll at dusk. Raupp prefers bite blocks that are botanically based, like Backwoods Cutter, Repel and Natrapel.

Another way of protecting yourself involves eliminating standing water. Drain the bottom of flowerpots and dump out water from wheel barrels, which are prime breeding grounds for mosquitoes.
BT dunks are also biologically safe agents that can be placed inside tree holes to ward off mosquitoes. 
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