Matthew Stabley

4 Gardening Tips From Merrifield Garden Center

If you have a garden, here is some advice from Merrifield Garden Center for what you should be doing now:

  • August and September is the ideal time to divide irises and daylilies. These perennials can be easily separated into multiple plants and then replanted right away. Irises and daylilies should be planted immediately after dividing.
  • Many plant diseases cause only minor damage and can be left untreated. Bring samples to your local garden center or extension agent for diagnosis before applying pesticides. Most diseases require moderate temperatures and moisture to infect the plant. Many plant diseases have remained active this summer because of the frequent rain. Mildew and leaf spot diseases cause minimal harm to plant health and don’t require treatment.
  • Plants are an economical and effective solution to erosion problems. Landscape slopes with ground covers, trees and shrubs slow down and reduce runoff. Plants reduce the impact, slow the velocity and increase the infiltration of rain. Plants protect the soil from the wind and roots stabilize the soil.
  • American goldfinches are vegetarians and feed exclusively on seeds. Attract them to your garden with full birdseed feeders and these perennials: milkweed, coneflower and woodland sunflower. The males are bright yellow and black May through August, then molt and change to dull yellow/brown in the fall.
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