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Tweet Your Unplowed Street



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    Angry that your street didn't get plowed after the weekend blizzard? Well, now nobody's street has been plowed. A fresh dumping of snow is threatening to cover all streets in the D.C. area tonight.

    Once again, the fortunate few roads that did get plowed this week likely will get preferential treatment -- they are the main roads, emergency routes and commuter routes, after all -- but the D.C. Department of Transportation insists it wants to get to your street.

    On Monday, the Virginia Department of Transportation asked Virginians in still-snowed-in communities to refrain from calling the overwhelmed customer service phone number in favor of e-mailing your location and even pictures of your situation. DDOT's asking residents of Washington to use Twitter to request snow removal, the Washington Business Journal reported.

    Using Twitter, the agency asked which streets were still in need of plowing and is using the tweets and pictures it has received to compile a list of unplowed streets for its teams.

    DDOT hired about 65 private contractors to help with removal of the weekend storm's snow and has about 750 employees and contractors working around the clock.

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