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Toll Hike Approved for Dulles Greenway



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    Drivers will pay higher tolls to travel the Dulles Greenway soon.

    The State Corporation Commission approved a 2.8 percent toll increase for the 14-mile road, which runs between Mainline Plaza -- just south of Washington Dulles International Airport -- and Leesburg, Virginia. The Greenway is privately owned.

    The toll for two-axle vehicles will rise from $4.20 to $4.30 for those traveling from Leesburg to Dulles. The toll for peak morning and afternoon weekday periods will increase from $5.10 to $5.20 for that route. Shorter distances cost less.

    The Dulles Greenway's operator, Toll Road Investors Partnership II, requested a toll increase in late December.

    The increase was approved last week.