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Ted Kennedy's Kalorama House Up for Grabs

File this under "More Real Estate You'll Never Be Able to Afford"



    Ted Kennedy's Kalorama House Up for Grabs
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    Vicki Kennedy has put the home she shared with her husband, the late Sen. Edward Kennedy, on the market.

    Vicki Kennedy, widow of Sen. Ted Kennedy, has put their Kalorama house on the market. Not so fast, big spender -- this one is probably going for upwards of $6 million.

    The 8,900-square-foot house is vaguely reminscent of the White House, from the peaked center roof to the pillars right down to the hanging lantern. Take a look at the vital stats: seven bedrooms, seven baths, five fireplaces, a lap pool and an exercise room --with fitness equipment selected by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. Hey, he is their nephew-in-law, so we'd expect nothing less.

    While the Reliable Source reports there's no set price yet, the Kennedys paid $2.8 million in 1998, and the property assessed for $5.1 million two years ago.

    "And no gawkers: Viewing by special appointment only," says the Reliable Source. Yes, that means YOU, peasants.