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Ford’s Theatre Block: Closing to Cars?

DDOT shopping a project to close 10th Street, between E and F, to vehicular traffic.



    Ford’s Theatre Block: Closing to Cars?

    You know what downtown D.C. doesn't really have? A pedestrian mall. That could change, if a city proposal flies.

    Specifically, the District Department of Transportation is shopping a pilot project that would close the block of 10th Street NW, between E and F streets, to vehicular traffic. It's a good spot to try, given that the street is already fairly narrow, and generally overrun with mobs of tourists around Ford's Theatre anyway.

    Can you imagine that photo filled with a plaza and cafe tables?

    "We're still doing outreach and working with the stakeholder groups to determine how to move forward," says DDOT spokesmanJohn Lisle. "It's my understanding there is strong support in some quarters, but also a little opposition."

    That's about all I know at the moment, but will update if I learn more. Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2C will consider the idea at its meeting next Wednesday.

    District Considers Closing Ford’s Theatre Block to Cars was originally published by Washington City Paper on March 29, 2012.