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Calorious: Nage's Morning After Kill-It Skillet

Hungover? Coat With Grease



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    The Feast/Rachel Tepper
    Nage's "Morning After Kill-It Skillet" is a hit with the hungover brunch crowd on Sundays.

    What: The Morning After Kill-It Skillet.

    Calories: 1750

    Ingredients: Truffled macaroni and cheese with chorizo, bacon, frites, and a fried egg on top.

    Where: Nage

    Price: $14

    Popularity: One out of every four brunch patrons orders this dish, which is only available on Sundays.

    Why: Nage's Sunday brunch welcomes the tired, the hungry -- and especially the hungover. Head chef Glenn Babcock says this dish is for someone who drank far too much the night before and needs a meal with "enough calories to hold you over for the whole day, so you can just go home and take a nap."

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