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Buzz Into the Sweet Spot

And then get down to bees-ness on that cupcake of yours



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    As tempted as we are to squash this stinger, we'll let him be ... a bee. Sorry, couldn't help ourselves there.

    In case you were unaware, this Saturday is National "Don't Step on a Bee" Day. But seriously, people, how could you NOT know?!? This is like, the most important day EVER!!

    Anywho, this, um, "holiday" is meant to remind summer frolickers that stepping on a bee will get ya nothing but a bum of a bee sting.

    Recently, however, the day has been used to raise awareness for Colony Collapse Disorder, which has led to a huge decrease in the bee population, potentially threatening U.S. food supply.

    Executive Chef Josh Short of Buzz Bakery & Coffee (901 Slaters Lane, Alexandria) will offer a nod to the movement with special baked treats and ice cream. On the menu for Saturday: Tupelo Honey panna cotta with fresh berries ($3.95), "Bee Hive" sugar cookies ($2.25) and scoops of wildflower honey ice cream ($2.25). Chef Short has also whipped up special Bumble Bee vanilla cupcakes ($2.75) with chocolate centers and topped with vanilla buttercream icing and a decorative bumblebee.

    Free "honey cups" (mini vanilla cupcakes with honey frosting) will also be given away to kids on a first come, first serve basis. Buzz opens at 6 a.m., which means you can skip your morning cuppa and instead hype yourself up on sugar before the sun even rises.

    Man, just the way we dream of starting every morning!