• North Korea Sep 16, 2021

    WATCH: North Korea Launches Ballistic Missiles From Train

    Within hours of South Korea testing a submarine-launched ballistic missile, North Korea said Thursday that it had successfully launched ballistic missiles from a train for the first time, underscoring a return of tensions between the two countries.

  • Korean Peninsula Jul 28, 2021

    Koreas Talk Again in Dormant Channels, Agree to Improve Ties

    North and South Korea exchanged messages in communication channels that have been dormant for more than a year and agreed to improve ties

  • North Korea Nov 17, 2019

    US, S Korea Postpone Joint Exercise Criticized by N Korea

    U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Sunday the United States and South Korea have indefinitely postponed a joint military exercise in an “act of goodwill” toward North Korea. The move comes even as Japan’s defense minister, whose country feels threatened by repeated North Korean missile launches, told Esper “no one could be optimistic about” changing the North’s behavior. The statement...

  • Donald Trump Oct 16, 2019

    Kim Rides Horse on Sacred Peak, Vows to Fight US Sanctions

    North Korea released a series of photos Wednesday showing leader Kim Jong Un riding a white horse to a sacred mountain he has often climbed before making key decisions. Near the mountain, Kim reportedly vowed to overcome U.S.-led sanctions that he said had both pained and infuriated his people. The images and Kim’s rhetoric appeared aimed at bolstering his leadership...

  • Donald Trump Oct 6, 2019

    North Korea Decries Breakdown of Talks US Says Were ‘Good'

    North Korea’s chief negotiator said that nuclear talks with the U.S. had broken down, but Washington maintained the two sides had “good discussions” in Sweden that it intends to build on in two weeks. The North Korean negotiator, Kim Myong Gil, said the talks in Stockholm on Saturday had “not fulfilled our expectations and broke down. I am very displeased...

  • Donald Trump Aug 11, 2019

    NKorea Says Kim Supervised Weapons Tests, Criticizes Seoul

    North Korea said Sunday that leader Kim Jong Un supervised test-firings of an unspecified new weapons system, which extended a streak of launches that are seen as an attempt to build leverage ahead of negotiations with the United States while driving a wedge between the U.S. and South Korea. The report by North Korean state media came hours after President...

  • Donald Trump Aug 7, 2019

    US Hopes for North Korea Nuclear Talks Despite Missile Tests

    The U.S. is still hoping to hold another round of nuclear talks with North Korea despite the country’s recent missile tests, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday. Those talks could be held within a “a couple of weeks,” Pompeo said, speaking shortly after returning from Asia and a failed effort to meet with officials from the isolated country. He...

  • Donald Trump Aug 6, 2019

    North Korea Fires More Weapons, Denounces US Military Drills

    North Korea continued to ramp up its weapons demonstrations by firing two presumed short-range ballistic missiles into the sea Tuesday while lashing out at the United States and South Korea for continuing military exercises that the North says could derail fragile nuclear diplomacy. North Korea’s fourth round of weapons launches in less than two weeks came amid a standstill in...

  • Donald Trump Aug 5, 2019

    US, South Korea Prepare Military Drills Despite North's Ire

    South Korea and the United States are preparing to hold their annual joint military exercises despite warnings from North Korea that the drills could derail fragile nuclear diplomacy, Seoul’s military said Monday. Choi Hyun-soo, spokeswoman of Seoul’s Defense Ministry, said the exercises will be focused on verifying Seoul’s capabilities for its planned retaking of wartime operational control of its troops...

  • Donald Trump Aug 3, 2019

    North Korea Confirms Another Test of Rocket Launcher System

    North Korea said Saturday its leader Kim Jong Un supervised another test-firing of a new multiple rocket launcher system that could potentially enhance the country’s ability to strike targets in South Korea and U.S. military bases there. The report by Pyongyang’s official Korean Central News Agency came a day after South Korea’s military said it detected North Korea firing projectiles...

  • Donald Trump Jul 31, 2019

    Seoul: North Korea Launches 2 Short-Range Ballistic Missiles

    South Korea’s military said North Korea conducted its second weapons test in less than a week Wednesday, firing two short-range ballistic missiles off its east coast in a move observers say could be aimed at boosting pressure on the United States as the rivals struggle to set up fresh nuclear talks. South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a...

  • Donald Trump Jul 26, 2019

    North Korea Says Missile Test Was ‘Solemn Warning' to South

    A day after two North Korean missile launches rattled Asia, Pyongyang announced Friday that leader Kim Jong Un had supervised the test of a new tactical guided weapon that was meant as a “solemn warning” about rival South Korea’s weapons development and plans to hold military exercises with the United States. South Korea’s military said that the flight data of...

  • Donald Trump Jun 30, 2019

    Kim-Trump Border Meeting: History or Just a Photo-Op?

    It sure looked historic: President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un strode toward each other Sunday from opposite sides of a strip of land that marks one of the world’s most dangerous places. They shook hands and then Trump stepped over the concrete slab that marks the borderline between the Koreas, becoming the first U.S. president to...

  • Donald Trump Jun 30, 2019

    DMZ Diplomacy: Kim Accepts Trump Invite to Meet at Border

    President Donald Trump said Sunday he believes North Korea’s Kim Jong Un wants to meet for a handshake at the Demilitarized Zone separating the North and South, a day after issuing the unprecedented invitation and expressing willingness to cross the border for what would be a history-making photo op. Speaking to Korean business leaders before a meeting with South Korean...

  • Donald Trump Jun 23, 2019

    North Korean Media Says Kim Receives ‘Excellent' Letter From Trump

    U.S. President Donald Trump sent North Korean leader Kim Jong Un an “excellent” letter, the North’s state-run news agency reported Sunday, quoting Kim as saying he would “seriously contemplate” the content. The White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, said Trump sent a letter and “correspondence between the two leaders has been ongoing.” Formal talks between the U.S. and North Korea...

  • Donald Trump Jun 1, 2019

    US Defense Chief Criticizes China's Tech, Military Ambitions

    U.S. Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan on Saturday denounced China’s efforts to steal technology from other nations and militarize man-made outposts in the South China Sea as a “toolkit of coercion,” saying activities by Beijing the U.S. perceives as hostile must end. In his first major speech on the international stage, Shanahan mixed sharp criticism of China and warnings of...

  • Donald Trump May 6, 2019

    North Korea Tests New Missile — and Trump's Resolve

    North Korea appears to have tested a new short-range missile — and President Donald Trump’s resolve to keep it from doing more of the same in the future. The test early Saturday was quickly played down by Trump and his top advisers, who noted it was not the kind of long-range missile leader Kim Jong Un has refrained from launching...

  • Donald Trump Apr 25, 2019

    Putin: N. Korea Ready to Denuclearize — If It Gets Guarantees

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said after his summit with Kim Jong Un Thursday that the North Korean leader is ready to proceed toward denuclearization — but needs solid security guarantees to do so. Putin said that he will be willing to share details of the summit with U.S. President Donald Trump, adding that “there are no secrets.” He noted that...

  • Donald Trump Apr 13, 2019

    Kim Open to Another Summit With Trump, Offers Deadline

    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said he is open to a third summit with President Donald Trump, but set the year’s end as a deadline for Washington to offer mutually acceptable terms for an agreement to salvage the high-stakes nuclear diplomacy, the North’s state-run media said Saturday. Kim made the comments during a speech Friday at a session of...

  • Donald Trump Mar 29, 2019

    S. Korean Leader to Meet With Trump in US on Nuke Diplomacy

    South Korean President Moon Jae-in will travel to the United States in two weeks for a summit with President Donald Trump on stalemated North Korean nuclear diplomacy. It would be their first meeting since Trump’s second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Hanoi last month collapsed due to disputes on U.S.-led sanctions. The breakdown of that summit...

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