As Biden Leads Infrastructure Talks, Odds of a Bipartisan Deal Look Bleak

    The clock is ticking on President Joe Biden’s goal of getting congressional Republicans to back some, if not all, of his wide-ranging infrastructure proposal.

  • Donald Trump Dec 14, 2018

    Pelosi's Triumphant Week Reminder Why She's Set to Be Speaker

    It has been quite a week for Nancy Pelosi. The televised meeting with President Donald Trump. The deal with restless Democrats to secure their votes to become House speaker. The fashion statement of her burnt-orange winter coat, swooshing out the doors of the White House, going viral in social media memes. It all showed the staying power of the Democratic...

  • CONGRESS Nov 26, 2018

    Pelosi's Opponents Counting on Chaos to Deny Her Speakership

    Call it the chaos theory for picking the next House speaker. Those Democrats trying to stop California Rep. Nancy Pelosi from reclaiming the job say they don’t need a rival candidate just yet. Instead, they plan to show that Pelosi lacks the votes to win the race. And then, they say, new challengers will emerge. It’s strategy that has other...

  • CONGRESS Nov 7, 2018

    Pelosi Says She Is ‘Best Person' for House Speaker

    U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif, on Wednesday said she is the “best person” to serve as Speaker of the House.

  • Donald Trump Oct 29, 2018

    House Democrats Promise Action on LGBTQ Rights Bill

    Just weeks ahead of a midterm election they hope will deliver them a majority, House Democrats are promising to prioritize anti-discrimination legislation that would for the first time establish widespread equal rights protections for LGBTQ individuals. Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi recently said she would introduce the Equality Act as one of her first orders of business if Democrats retake the...

  • Donald Trump Aug 19, 2018

    Trump Warnings Grow From Forgotten Republicans

    The ranks of forgotten Republicans are growing. Some were forced out, such as Tim Pawlenty, a former two-term Minnesota governor who lost this week’s bid for a political comeback. Some, such as the retiring Republican Sen. Bob Corker, chose to leave on their own. Others still serve, but with a muted voice. Whether members of Congress, governors or state party...

  • CONGRESS Jun 6, 2018

    Will Paul Ryan's Retirement Be a Chance to Change the House?

    House Speaker Paul Ryan is retiring and there’s no guaranteed successor. And whichever party emerges from the November election in control of the House isn’t expected to have a big majority. It’s a recipe for upheaval, though one outside group sees a once-in-a-generation opportunity for lawmakers to overhaul their rules and put Congress on a more cooperative footing. “The Speaker...

  • Donald Trump May 31, 2018

    Boehner: With Trump Takeover, GOP Is ‘Taking a Nap'

    It’s not quite “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” but former GOP House Speaker John Boehner on Thursday said President Donald Trump has taken over the Republican Party. “There is no Republican Party. There’s a Trump party. The Republican Party is kind of taking a nap somewhere,” he said at the Mackinac Policy Conference in Michigan. Boehner, of Ohio, also described...

  • Donald Trump May 30, 2018

    House GOP Nominates Ryan to Stay Speaker, With Trump's Support

    Speaker Paul Ryan unanimously won his GOP colleagues’ votes for another term at the helm of the House on Tuesday. He told fellow Republicans he had President-elect Donald Trump’s support, and heralded “the dawn of a new, unified Republican government.” “It feels really good to say that actually,” Ryan told reporters. “This will be a government focused on turning President-elect...

  • Donald Trump May 28, 2018

    Budget Battle Brews as Trump Threatens Another Shutdown

    President Donald Trump has warned Congress that he will never sign another foot-tall, $1 trillion-plus government-wide spending bill like the one he did in March. His message to lawmakers in both parties: Get your act together before the next budget lands on my desk. After a brief government shutdown earlier this year, Democrats and Republicans now agree on the need...

  • speaker Apr 27, 2018

    Speaker Ryan to Retire, Leaving Big Election-Year GOP Vacuum

    House Speaker Paul Ryan abruptly announced Wednesday he will retire rather than seek another term in Congress as the steady if reluctant wingman for President Donald Trump, sending new ripples of uncertainty through a Washington already on edge and a Republican Party bracing for a rough election year. The Wisconsin Republican cast the decision to end his 20-year career as...

  • Donald Trump Apr 14, 2018

    Possible House Leader Kevin McCarthy Seen by Trump as Ally

    As President Donald Trump and top Republicans dined on filet mignon at the White House this week, just hours after House Speaker Paul Ryan announced his stunning retirement, Trump and Ryan’s top lieutenant found themselves with a moment alone. Do you really want to be the next speaker of the House, Trump asked Kevin McCarthy, one of his closest allies...

  • Donald Trump Apr 12, 2018

    McCarthy, Scalise Are Likely Contenders for House Speaker

    Some say it’s a fight between West and South. Or a battle for President Donald Trump’s affections. Or a test of who can woo conservatives. But one thing is clear: If the showdown between California Rep. Kevin McCarthy and Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise for House speaker is a popularity contest, it will be tight. “Steve is the more low-key guy,...

  • CONGRESS Mar 7, 2018

    Pelosi, 1st Female Speaker, Donates Suit and Gavel to Smithsonian

    Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the first female elected to House speaker, helped celebrate Women’s History Month by donating her suit and gavel to the Smithsonian on Wednesday. The California Democrat handed over her historic items to the National Museum of American History during a ceremony with fellow congresspeople and other officials. Pelosi commemorated her momentous 2007 election by donating the lacquered-maple...

  • Donald Trump Mar 7, 2018

    Fears of ‘Brain Drain' Hit West Wing Amid Trump Staff Exits

    President Donald Trump once presided over a reality show in which a key cast member exited each week. The same thing seems to be happening in his White House. Trump’s West Wing has descended into a period of unparalleled tumult amid a wave of staff departures, yet the president insists it’s a place of “no Chaos, only great Energy!” The...

  • Donald Trump Jan 20, 2018

    Shutdown Is 1st Since 2013, But Not Exceptional

    President Donald Trump and Congress failed to reach an agreement on a spending plan by midnight Friday, triggering a partial shutdown of the federal government. Government shutdowns are unusual but not unheard of. The government has partially shut down three times in the past quarter-century — and far more often in decades past. Shutdowns have led to furloughs of several...

  • Donald Trump Jan 16, 2018

    Big Decisions Await Congress on Immigration

    Before a potential government shutdown at midnight Friday night, a host of leftover Washington business is bottled up in Congress, waiting on a deal to prevent the deportation of young immigrants brought to the country illegally as children and an agreement on other immigration-related issues, including President Donald Trump’s long-sought U.S.-Mexico border wall. Lawmakers in both major parties are confronted...

  • Donald Trump Jan 5, 2018

    Author Michael Wolff Defends His Fiery New Trump Book as It's Released, Says President Has No Credibility

    Author Michael Wolff is standing by his explosive new book on President Donald Trump, despite Trump calling it “phony” and a “cease and desist” letter from an attorney for the president. In his first television interview just hours before the book would be widely released, Wolff said the many aides to Trump who he interviewed for “Fire and Fury: Inside...

  • Donald Trump Dec 15, 2017

    House Speaker Paul Ryan Denies Reports He May Leave Congress

    House Speaker Paul Ryan is denying reports that he plans to leave Congress after the Republicans’ treasured tax bill is approved. Politico and The Huffington Post published stories speculating that Ryan would make this two-year Congress his last or even resign after lawmakers approve the $1.5 trillion tax bill, which could happen next week. Ryan took the job hesitantly in...

  • Donald Trump Dec 9, 2017

    Dems Mourn Al Franken's Demise But See a 2018 Election Benefit

    Members of both parties are glum and guarded after a shocking week of resignations on Capitol Hill. But Democrats say the way they’re handling the sexual misconduct issue will give them a valuable weapon for next year’s congressional elections. Republicans say that’s just wishful thinking. No one knows when or where the allegations that have felled lawmakers, journalists and entertainers...

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