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Links Mentioned on Daily Connection




    Aug. 5

    Jerzify Yourself:
    Good Reads:
    Fail Blog:
    Deals for Deeds:

    July 22

    Off & Away:
    It Was Over When: 

    May 3

    The Gourmand and the Peasant:

    March 25

    You Saved Me:

    Chef Emily's Recipes:

    March 24 

    Walk For Epilepsy:

    February 12

    Sound Advice quartet:, 703-242-SING

    January 26

    Chef Geoff's Jumbo Shrimp and Very Gouda Grits:

    January 25 


    January 13

    Pets With Disabilities:

    January 11

    Bear Webcam:

    December 22

    Booster Seat Ratings:

    December 16

    Time's Top Ten:,28757,1945379,00.html

    December 7

    The Grio:

    December 2

    2010 Stand By Your Man Calendar:

    November 25


    November 24

    Paula Deen Hit With A Ham:

    November 19

    Thanksgiving Tips

    November 18

    Power Pirate:

    November 17

    Today In The Sky:

    November 9

    Body Art By Allison:

    Weight Mirror:

    November 6

    Swing Set Recall:

    November 5

    Allure Pilates Spa:

    Retreat Self-Care:

    November 4

    The Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show: