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Ask Liz: Credit Reports, Postal Vehicles & Analog TVs

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    Ask Liz: Credit Reports, Postal Vehicles & Analog TVs
    Ask Liz: 10-31-08

    What’s a reputable online site for checking your credit report? The Federal Trade Commission told us:

    • The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives consumers the right to a free copy of your credit report once every 12 months. This includes reports from all three credit-reporting companies: Experian, TransUnion and Equifax.
    • To get your free report, log on to This is the ONLY authorized website authorized for free annual credit reports under the law.
    • Remember, no reputable credit agency will ever e-mail or call you asking for personal information.

    A viewer says his portable analog TV doesn’t work in the digital age. How should he get rid of it? The Federal Communications Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency say:

    • If your portable analog TV doesn’t have the necessary plugs for digital television, you have the option to recycle it.
    • The FCC recommends as a program to help find local recycling centers near you.
    • The EPA says that many electronics stores (like Best Buy and Samsung) also have recycling programs for analog TVs.

    Why don't all postal vehicles have license plates? We checked with United States Postal Service:

    • USPS vehicles are not required to display state plates because they are exempt from paying registration fees. Instead of a plate, they have a seven digit number on the vehicle. The USPS keeps track of those ID numbers in an internal log. This process is less costly, easier to maintain and more secure.
    • Sometimes the seven-digit number is not displayed on a postal owned vehicle. For instance, an ID number is not assigned to an administrative car.In that case, a government license plate is assigned instead.

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