Seized at Dulles: Cocaine Clams

Washingtonians sure love to try out new food concepts.

Cocaine clams, however, might be going a bit too far.

Customs and Border Protection at Dulles officers discovered 15 cocaine baggies concealed in -- yes, indeed -- clams packed inside a man's luggage.

David Pocasangre Vaquiz, 26, of El Salvador, had a total of 80 clams in his luggage, said officers, who found them during a routine secondary inspection. Of them, 15 appeared to have been opened, stuffed with the baggies of cocaine and then glued closed, officers said.

They seized a total of 152 grams, or 5.36 ounces, of cocaine. That would have a street value of about $10,000.

"Smugglers attempt all types of creative concealment methods to sneak their deadly poison into the United States and this is one of the oddest we've seen," said Christopher Hess, CBP Port Director for the Port of Washington, D.C

No word on whether anyone got to chow down on the remaining 65 clams, but somehow, we're guessing no.

Officials at Dulles aren't new to discovering weird, weird things. In May, Customs and Border Protection discovered almost 90 pounds of sheep meat in another man's luggage. In months and years past, they've also found a dried hedgehog, 14 giant African snails, elephant tails, and heroin legwarmers. Cocaine has turned up in stuffed chicken, soup mix and a woman's bra.

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