Mole (or Vole) Spotted at White House

Definitely not a rat

PFD Tree Fire Safety 6

Alert the CIA! There's a mole in the White House!

Oh, what's that you say? It's a vole? Or perhaps a mouse? Oh.

Call off the dogs. But definitely call in the cat.

A small, furry woodland creature of some sort was spotted scurrying in front of President Barack Obama while he was making a statement in the Rose Garden Thursday.

The president didn't notice the rodent from behind his podium, but the press did.

The Daily Mail asked some experts, who ruled out the possibility of it being a rat, even those are all too common in the District. The experts said the tail wasn't long enough. But they said it could be a vole, which is often called a meadow mouse.

Apparently Bo hasn't been doing his job keeping the White House lawn safe from infiltrators. You can bet Socks the cat wouldn't have let something like this happen...

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