It's Still Valentine's Day, Maryland

Holiday extends through Sunday in Maryland

It's still Valentine's Day in Maryland.

Though the holiday officially was a week ago, it's like Chanukah in Maryland this year -- spanning eight days -- because of the snow. That's eight romantic dinners. Eight Hallmark cards. Eight dozen roses. Eight trips to Jared. Eight kisses beginning with "Kay."

Or, if you're among the lonely hearts, eight straight days of single life under the microscope.

How did the governor get this authority anyway?

Martin O'Malley extended the holiday a week because of record snowfall in the region, the Associated Press reported. Citizens were busy cleaning up and may not have had time to order flowers or buy gifts, he said.

How sweet of him! He's getting the state's thoughtless men off the hook, giving them a second chance at deliberate rehearsed romance.

A spokesman for the governor acknowledged that extending the holiday through Sunday comes with no actual government benefits. It's all about the politics of the bedroom -- and boosting business for florists, jewelry stores and candy shops.

This isn't the first time a Maryland governor has extended the holiday, the AP reported. In 1994, Gov. William Donald Schaefer made it last for seven days because of an ice storm.

In Baltimore in 2007, Mayor Sheila Dixon extended the holiday through Feb. 18.

So, fellas, if that bouquet you bought for your lady last week has already died, you'd better get out to the florist to replace it.

It's enough to break up even the strongest relationships.

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