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Bacon Craze Grows with Condoms, "Mouthwash"



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    The mouthwatering breakfast meat in its natural form.

    The bacon craze that has been sweeping the nation for over a year is not slowing down.

    Recipes and products surrounding the sizzling meat are all over the Internet and in some of our favorite stores. The latest additions to the trend include bacon condoms, sunscreen, and maybe even bacon mouthwash (if Scope is not pulling an April Fools' Day gag).

    The condoms and sunscreen are brought to you by J&D's Foods, the "bacontrepeneurs" that have based their livelihood off of "making everything taste like bacon." Their bounty includes: bacon salt, bacon lip balm, bacon envelopes and even bacon lube.

    However, mouthwash maker Scope is "launching" its own bacon-flavored product a little too close to April Fools' Day for comfort. When asked about the product's existence, Proctor & Gamble representatives have given coy responses, according to the Huffington Post.

    Whether Scope is joining the trend or not, there is plenty to feast your eyes on in the bacon business.

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