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Fuzzy Love: "Snuggie Sutra" Seduces Couch Potatoes



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    Some Snunggie owners are getting hot and heavy with the blanket.

    It was bound to happen.

    The Snuggie has been taken to highs (a fashion show during New York Fashion Week) and lows (just about any YouTube odd usage video), it’s been resized for men, women, children and pets, been stamped with team logos and made pink to raise money for breast cancer research and now, it’s a sex symbol.

    Lex Friedman and Megan Morrison created the “Snuggie Sutra” as a kind of joke on Morrison, who is an avowed Snuggie fan. The “Snuggie Sutra” website begat the “Snuggie Sutra” book (St. Martin’s Press, $9.99) and these two are now turning couch potatoes into hot potatoes. 

    It all started at a party, Morrison told TODAYshow.com. Friedman clarified: “Megan was being mocked for owning a Snuggie in the first place, and rightly so. Then she started showing us — acting out what could be done and we realized she had something.”

    Morrison, a graphic designer, and Friedman, a web producer who dabbles in humor (he operated HiremeJimmyFallon.com in an attempt to get a job writing jokes for the comedian), turned out to be perfectly complementary partners and created the SnuggieSutra.com website, though not without some research.

    “We have some very confident and flexible friends who acted out all the positions fully clothed,” Morrison said. “It only took a couple bottles of wine.”


    Once their website went viral (Conan O’Brien even mentioned it on the “Tonight Show”) and the Snuggie company “embraced their own sexiness,” Friedman said, with the aforementioned fashion show, publishers came calling, with the book being the result. 

    The book contains very easy-to-follow illustrations for some traditional positions, including “The Manket” — where the man wears the Snuggie on his back while he covers his partner, keeping her warm — to more adventurous positions such as “The Banana Split,” which really has to be seen to be understood. There’s even some role playing, such as the “The Matador,” which uses the Snuggie as a prop.  

    The book is setting up to be a big item for holiday gift-giving. “In addition to being available wherever books are sold, Urban Outfitters and Spencer Gifts have picked it up,” Friedman said, though he’ll be getting a gift of another kind.

    The father of two is soon expecting a third child, and while he won’t confirm this is a result of the Snuggie Sutra — “I don’t Snuggie and tell” — he did say, “I can confirm all of the positions are possible.”