Apple Reverses Decision on Cap Hill App

Bobble Rep iPhone app to appear on iTunes


Remember the Congressional iPhone app that Apple rejected because it said it mocked members of the House and Senate?

Well after much bashing by Web sites across the country, Apple seems to have come to its senses. The controllers of the iPhone have gone back on their original ruling and will now allow the Bobble Rep app in the iTunes store. And artist Tom Richmond couldn't be happier.

"I'm glad Apple came to their senses and realized that this app is not only not derogatory or insulting to our congressional representatives and senators, it's a beneficial program and a little fun as well," Richmond said in an e-mail to

Richmond continued on his blog:

You have to wonder how much of the decision was based on the press covered and image hit Apple had taken, and how much of it was simply that some overworked approval person rubber stamped it as a reject. My less cynical side is hoping for the latter, but I am pretty sure any reconsideration at all was facilitated by the many responses and support of people on the internet who were dumbstruck that such an innocent and innoculous app would be determined “defamatory” to the members of congress we decpcited.

Why is Richmond so happy? The MAD magazine artist painstakingly drew caricatures of 540 pols for the app.

Now that the app will be added to the store, his work will be seen by the public. Not only that, but people might also learn a thing or two about Capitol Hill in the process.

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