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Tweet Me Up, Scotty

NASA wants Twitter user questions



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    Tweet your questions to NASA

    Ever wanted to know what life is like in space? Well, here's your chance... so long as you're a Twitter user.

    NASA is asking the public to tweet their questions from now until Feb. 11, and the astronauts aboard shuttle Endeavour will answer them. Endeavour is set to dock with the International Space Station next week.

    Send your tweets to NASA's Mike Massimino (@astro_Mike) and he will ask the astronauts in a live talkback on NASA TV.  You can also simply tweet out your question with #askastro added to your question.

    Endeavour's 13-day mission will include three spacewalks and the delivery of the Tranquility node. That's the final module of the U.S. portion for the ISS.

    Tranquility will provide extra room for crew members and many of the space station's life support and environmental control systems. It also includes an attached cupola complete with seven windows to provide astronauts with a panoramic view of Earth, celestial objects and visiting spacecraft.

    Once Tranquility is added, the orbiting laboratory will be approximately 90 percent complete.