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Fancy New Map Lets You Track Census

Local counties have a lot of catching up to do



    Fancy New Map Lets You Track Census
    Why should those census folks have all the fun? Now you can count along with them.

    There is no reason Leighton City, Iowa, should be leading D.C. in anything. But it turns out those Iowans are much quicker at mailing forms out. 

    Seventy-four percent of the population of the small Iowa city has already completed and mailed back their census forms. Compare that with just 20 percent of District residents.

    We know that because there’s a fancy new map that is tracking census participation for every city and county in the United States. The U.S. Census Bureau and Google worked together to make the map possible. 
    As of today, only 16 percent of U.S. residents have returned their census forms.
    We know it’s not a competition, but what the heck? Locally, Anne Arundel County has taken a slight lead with 27 percent. Montgomery County is not far behind with 25 percent. Prince George’s County is at 21 percent.
    In Virginia, Loudoun County has returned 26 percent. Fairfax County is at 23 percent. Only 20 percent of the people in Arlington County have returned their forms. Tsk tsk.
    "Why should I bother returning the census," you ask? Well, if every household returns their forms, the census bureau says taxpayers will save $1.5 billion. 
    If that’s not good enough, consider this -- if everyone mails back their forms, then we’ll no longer be inundated with census advertisements and commercials. We need a second census to keep up with all of those.