Zimmerman Calls His Shot

On Tuesday, Ryan Zimmerman did something that kids on every sandlot do while dreaming of the majors.

He called his shot. 

While he didn’t make a big show of pointing to the stands, a la Jake Taylor in Major League, he did make his prediction known in the dugout.

“He just made it known to everybody on the bench: ‘He’s going to throw me a fastball in, and I’m going to hit it out of the ballpark, a bomb,’” manager Davey Johnson said in his post game interview.

Also unlike Jake Taylor, Zimmerman didn’t bunt. He crushed the ball into the left field stands.

“After he hit the bomb, when he was coming up the next time up, I said, ‘Is that all there was?’ " Johnson continued. "He said, ‘No, it actually stung a little bit. He jammed me.’ ”

A jammed ball hit that far into the stands? Can you imagine where Zimmerman would have put a clean shot?

A humble Zimmerman would not cop to his called blast, but Michael Morse was more than glad to do the bragging for him.

“Yeah,” Morse said to the Washington Times about Zimmerman’s Babe Ruth moment. “He told me to get ready, he was going after it. That’s Ryan Zimmerman, man. That’s the S.S., the Silver Slugger.”

Beast Mode and the Silver Slugger. It has a nice ring to it.

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