Would Snyder Pick Vick?

Redskins get honorable mention on likely list

Imagine, if you will, a want ad for former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick:

Suspended quarterback, bad with dogs, looking to get $15 million from current contract.  Expected to be released July 2009. Could help you make it to the Super Bowl.  Maybe. 

Even with his purported summer release date, Vick has other hurdles to face, like reinstatement.  Assuming he clears his various obstacles, where might he end up?

Shutdown Corner blogger Chris Chase lists the five most likely spots as Oakland, Seattle, San Francisco, Minnesota and the New York Jets, with honorable mention going to none other than hometown fave, The Washington Redskins.

According to Chase, "If you think Dan Snyder hasn't called up Jim Zorn in the middle of the night ... to bounce off some ideas about how Michael Vick could help the Redskins, then you don't know Danny."
What about the Detroit Lions? Even Vick has standards, says Chase.

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