When Will Campbell Light His Candle?

Can 4th-year QB can be trusted at helm?

The consensus remains: the Redskins must improve their offensive line. But what about the guy they're supposed to protect?

Redskins Insider is reporting that the Skins do not intend on extending Jason Campbell's current contract, which runs out after the 2009 season.

No. 17, this is your life: A One-Year Audition for Your NFL Career.

Most Redskins fans really want Campbell to succeed. Eyes have been rubbed red, hoping to catch a more permanent glimpse of briefly observed potential. However, the clock is ticking, growing louder by the second, making all anxious for tell-tale signs of Campbell's heart.

Talk about regression: Campbell's QB rating dropped from 100.5 to 70.8 in the second half of last season.

Sympathizers will tell you that Campbell is a "student of the game" -- whatever that means -- spending hour upon hour studying film. They'll also remind you that the turnover rate of offensive coordinators under which he has worked is higher than that of the Suicide Bombers Union.

Detractors are adamant that Campbell simply does not have an NFL-caliber football mind. The West Coast offense is too complicated for him and he'll never be able to make instinctual on-field decisions no matter how much time he spends in the film room.

The reality is that the Redskins have too many other areas of concern to invest in the quarterback position prior to next season. An open competition between Campbell, an elderly Todd Collins, and an inexperienced Colt Brennan isn't exactly music to the ears of Skins fans.

Bet on it being Campbell's job to lose going into training camp. Unfortunately, if Candle Campbell doesn't find a way to ignite his game, it will be the 2009 season that's lost.

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