What's Worth More, the Ticket or the Team?

$1 tickets to Friday's Nats game

The Nats are celebrating the of signing of first-round draft pick Stephen Strasburg, and judging from the way things have been going this season, they very well should be.

This auspicious event could revitalize the Nats, but it still won't teach stadium workers how to pull a tarp across the field. Regardless, try to forget past failures with $1 tickets to Friday evening's game against the Milwaukee Brewers.

Game-goers will gain access to Nats Park starting at 1:30 p.m. for a Strasburg press conference. Ooh, fancy! You'll have access to the seating area behind the visitors' dugout for the conference and a Q&A session with team officials. (Be polite! We're all equally angry about the team right now.)

The cheap tickets are for the LF/RF Corner (Sections 108-110 and 135-137), LF Box (Sections 103-107) and LF/RF Mezzanine (201-205 and 223-235), so choose wisely. Get them online beginning today at noon.

Another 1,000 tickets will be available at the Nats Park main box office on Friday from noon to 2 p.m. There's a limit of two tickets per transaction on all online and on-site purchases.

You know what's weird? The game tickets will cost less than the Metro ride there. Then again, the Metro ride will probably take longer than the game, so it all evens out.

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