What D.C. Athletes Are Doing With Their Downtime

It's pretty quiet sports-wise around here.

Of course, we have the Redskins to occupy our time, but that's about it. The Nationals were eliminated from the postseason much earlier than expected (you know, since they had a 6-0 lead in a series-deciding game), the WIzards are playing preseason basketball, which is about as entertaining as watching grass grow (but at least the grass won't ultimately disappoint you) and the Capitals are scattered across the globe because the NHL and NHLPA can't check their enormous egos at the door. You can see I'm pretty bitter about the whole thing. 

So what are some of your favorite D.C. athletes doing in their spare time?

John Wall (who is injured) is being jealous of Bryce Harper's sweet sock hookup from Robert Griffin III:

Michael Morse is being selected for jury duty, much to his chagrin:

Mike Green is looking for a job:

And bored bloggers are writing about socks, jury duty and job searches.

That being said, I will likely be moving in a different direction in the coming weeks, finding ways to fill my own personal downtime. Stay tuned.

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