The Dream of Mark Cuban as Cubs Owner Dies

It was fun while it lasted. According to the Sun-Times, Bud Selig and the owners of Major League Baseball teams will not let billionaire Mark Cuban buy the Cubs. This is despite the fact that Cuban was able to put together the deal even in light of the current economic situation, and that current Cubs and Chicago Tribune owner, Sam Zell, wanted to sell the team to Cuban. Apparently, Cuban was way too well-liked by fans. Actually making fans happy is against the credo of the MLB owners.

Cuban, who owns the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA, is different than most sports team owners. He likes to sit in the stands, not a luxury box. When visiting Wrigley, he sometimes enjoyed the sunshine and beer in the bleachers. He is not afraid to spend money to improve the playing experience for his team, even buying all extra-large towels for his players.

At the same time, he expects his teams to win. If he perceives him team has been wronged, he speaks up.  He has paid more than $1 million in fines to the NBA for various instances of running his mouth. From his courtside seats, Cuban has even run onto the court to protest calls to the referees. Can you think of anyone who fits the Cubbie Nation better than him?

The Cubs means the world to Chicago. Cub fans want an owner who lives and dies with the team just like we do. The past two playoff collapses have wounded them, and they needed some good news this off-season. Cuban would have fit the bill perfectly.

Instead, the Tribune company is now considering only selling off 50 percent of the team. The Cubs are being reduced to shares, diced up for the highest bidder. That didn't need to happen, but the MLB sticks in the mud had it in their head that Cuban would have irrevocably changed the league. They were right.

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