Vonnie Holliday's Lockout Rant

There was some progress made in the NFL lockout situation on Thursday, but what that means is still a mystery.

The owners drafted an agreement and ratified it Thursday in Atlanta. The next step is for the players to agree to it, but at least one Redskins player says “not so fast.”
Redskins player rep Vonnie Holliday was not very optimistic, and took to the Twitters to say so. 
According to rumors, reports, and random arguments on Twitter, the contract that was offered to the players contained language that they hadn’t discussed with the owners yet. 
It was a tactical move by the owners to put the spotlight back on the players, hoping it would pressure them to sign the deal, but Holliday took it personally and broke out the thesaurus...
It's all very confusing, and the reports only serve to get our hopes up and then dash them to pieces almost immediately. But thankfully we have Jeremy Jarmon to put it all into perspective for us. 
Right. So let's all just breathe, hug our pillow pals and hope it all works out. 
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