Trevor Booker Trolls ESPN After They Ask For Other “Biggest Sports Mismatches”

On paper, Tuesday's game between the Washington Wizards and Miami Heat screamed "blowout of epic proportions." Here you had the hapless Wizards against the defending NBA champions. No chance in Hell, right?

ESPN surely didn't think so, so on their Sportscenter Twitter account, they asked for the "#BiggestSportsMismatch" that fans have ever seen, with the best tweets making it on air. 

To be fair, there were some good responses, such as "Mark Sanchez vs. throwing a football," "Bill Belichick vs. not looking homeless" and my personal favorite, "ESPN versus real reporting and journalist integrity," but it was as if the Worldwide Leader handicapped Washington's chances of winning somewhere between slim and none.

So what happened? The Wizards won, naturally -- they've actually defeated the Heat three straight times now --  and Wizards forward Trevor Booker made sure to let ESPN know about it:

Mmm, that's good trolling. 

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