Trade Jamison? No Way

Wizards would be better off with vet

The NBA trade deadline is Thursday at 3 pm. And while Antawn Jamison has long been an option on the table for those with championship aspirations, the rumors are starting to heat up.

CNN-SI's Ian Thomsen is reporting that the Cleveland Cavs have their eye on the Wizard, only dangling the expiring contract of Wally Szczerbiak to entice.

Bad idea.

Trading Antawn Jamison, period, much less only for cap space, is the equivalent of waiving the white flag. Ernie Grunfeld might as well cover up whatever movie banner is hanging from the Verizon Center on 7th Street with an 'Under Construction' sign.

Such a trade doesn't mean all hope for the team is lost. But the Wizards certainly won't be able to sign a free-agent of the same caliber, on the court and leadership wise, with the money they free up, which would come after inking whatever lottery pick they get.

Yes, Jamison is getting old and the Wizards are clearly at a crossroads where either path is a big risk.

Keep the big three together, trade the draft pick along with a bad contract for a need, and pray to the heavens for health. Or, trade a valued asset, sign a top pick, maybe use the mid-level exception on a role player, and hope the youth movement is ready for prime time (and pray to the heavens for health).

Lost in the mix is that Jamison would be going to the "Mistake by the Lake," possibly helping the one they call LeBaby to a title. Might as well spit in the faces of Wizards fans, too.

The choices aren't easy for a GM under fire, but keeping a class act like Jamison should be a no-brainer.

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