The Right Way to Propose at Nats Park

Baseball stadiums are no strangers to marriage proposals. 

Heck, they've happened so often, they've now become the lame jokes in ESPN commercials

So in order to pull one off these days and actually have the girl say yes, you've got to go that extra mile.

Or perhaps run that extra mile, which is what Washingtonian online account executive Matt Hendrickson did at Nats Park on Sunday.

Hendrickson didn't just get down on one knee at home plate with Screech creepily looking on in the background. Oh no. He brought in the Nationals' secret weapon -- Teddy.

After a jumbotron setup and a Presidents' race win over the Nats' all-time loser, he got on one knee and proposed to Jennie Kushlis, his girlfriend of six years.

So go ahead and watch the video below. And remember, there's no crying in baseball.

But keep those tissues handy just in case.

Proposal: Matt and Jennie (part 2--full version) from Emma Patti on Vimeo.

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