The Caps: More Than Just Ovechkin

Superstars are great, but they don't mean much without a complete team. And without stellar play from the Caps all around, Alexander Ovechkin is still amazing, but not clutch.

Coming off a monumental five goal weekend, Ovechkin continues to show why the Caps should be feared around the NHL. At any moment, the Great Eight can explode, and it usually comes in bunches.

On Saturday, the tradition-seeped Detroit Red Wings were quick and aggressive, while the Caps lacked a crispness to their offense. But it was timely defense and the play of Jose Theodore which kept the match at a 2-2 draw heading into the final period.

In stepped Ovechkin, more than just a goal scoring phenom, but also a closer who'll knock the block off anyone who tries to get in his way. Two Ovie goals later, the masses of Detroit fans left in disappointment. OK, well maybe not "masses," but an estimated 10% -- and a tenth of the Verizon Center rooting for the other team is much too much for Ted Leonsis.

But winning and a superstar anchor can go a long way toward curing the infestation ills of opposing fans. With a hat trick in the tail end of back-to-back matinees on Sunday, how can DC's water coolers not be abuzz with the talents of a Russian youngster? Oh yea....that Super Bowl thing.

Rest assured Caps faithful, the checklist of hype-nitis is building. Young, fun and full of swagger, the Capitals are more than just one man. But that one man is showing he can live up to the hype. This young team still has a way to go, but behind #8, it's only a matter of time until the ice ceiling is shattered.

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