Terry McAuliffe, Ken Cuccinelli Asked About Redskins Name During Gubernatorial Debate

I hope everyone enjoyed the gubernatorial debate between Terry McAuliffe and Ken Cuccinelli Wednesday evening (as much as one can enjoy those things anyway).

We have full coverage of the debate in case you missed it, but here at Capital Games, we focus on the sports stuff, so let's skip to the end, when Chuck Todd asked McAuliffe and Cuccinelli about their thoughts on the Redskins name.

“I don’t think the governor ought to be telling private businesses what they should do about their business,” McAuliffe responded. “As governor, I’m not going to tell [Redskins owner] Dan Snyder or anybody else what they should do with their business.”

Alright then. How about you, Mr. Cuccinelli?

"I think that is up to them entirely," he said. "I think that, you know, 80 years of history with that team is kind of hard to leave behind, I understand that. I also don't think RGIII should have been played in the second quarter in the playoffs last year."

Consider this my contribution to democracy. 

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