Sports-Related Gifts That Make You Cringe

Most of us have received some, shall we say, "interesting" Christmas gifts over the years. But for any D.C. sports fan out there, you know this one has to be especially painful.

The picture above comes from a reader who shall remain nameless, in order to protect the innocent. Here's how he described his Christmas "gift":

"My Aunt hand-crafted this cement blob to look like the state of PA with Steelers and Penguins logos on it. YUCK!! So wish I could return it!! Hope your viewers enjoy it."

Not as much as you, sir. We hope you display in proudly. In a dark, dark place...

Did you received any similar sports-related gifts you couldn't wait to return (or burn)?  Let us know.  Send an e-mail to

UPDATE: The concrete blob has found a home: 

"I ended up passing it off to my sister, who has placed it in her yard/flower bed with a similar ugly cement blob. She did it as a joke to her husband."

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