Redskins CB Terrorized By Old Man

Old man swore at Hall

How low was yesterday's loss to Atlanta?  We found out that even the Falcons coach is tougher than the Redskins.

DeAngelo Hall, the Skins cornerback, is afraid of the Falcons 50-year-old silver-haired head coach, Mike Smith.  Smith, Hall alleges, roughed him up on the sideline during a skirmish and said a bad word to him.  A bad word!

So instead of going home to get his father to see if he could beat up Mike Smith's father, Hall's going to the principal.  He said he's planning on calling the NFL commish to complain about Smith's treatment.  Teacher, teacher!  Come help me!

After the game, Hall told reporters:

"When he comes over to put his hands on you in a harmful way, something needs to be done about that. Like I said, I'm going to call Commissioner Goodell. Ray Anderson, who used to be with the Falcons, I know him very well, and he's the vice president over there in the league office. I definitely will be calling some of my friends to work out this situation."

You hear that, old man?  He's calling the authorities.  Just be lucky he hasn't (yet) called Judge Wapner.

Hall whined more, "He put his hands on me in a harmful way. Talking about that he was going to kick my [patoot] and all this other [poop]. That's not how you do things."

Damn right, DeAngelo.  There's no room for this kind of rough-house physical contact on a football field.  Coach Smith should've followed MeAngelo's on-field lesson and avoided all physical contact.

On the other sideline, Coach Jim Zorn was relieved it didn't escalate, telling reporters, "I knew DeAngelo was over there, and that was a bad place for him to be.  I'm glad it didn't turn into something ugly."

Not something ugly?  The old-man coach swore at one of your players in an unkind way -- you want to talk about blackened hearts?  And he was touched in a "harmful way."  Harmful!

We're lucky MeAngelo survived the encounter with the old man.  But there'll be hell to pay once Hall complains to the right person.  Hell.  To.  Pay.

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