Shaq Panda “Wrestles” at Verizon Center

Big man tries to enter White House

For those of you not keeping up with the bromance soap opera known as the WWE, you probably didn't know that Shaquille O'Neal was in D.C. Monday night to host a wrasslin' match.

Well, the panda-lovin' giant ended up ripping off his referee's shirt during Monday Night Raw and climbing into the ring to dance with The Big Show, who, believe it or not, makes Shaq look a bit on the wee side.

You can watch the rest of the exchanges between Shaq, the Show and two small oily guys with no shirts on by clicking here.

One more note from the WWE appearance before we move along, courtesy of Shaq's Twitter account:

"wasn't lookin, but randy orton has da sexiest white man butt ive seen next 2 steve nash"

Oh, that's just Shaq being Shaq. He cracks us up.

Anyway, if you follow Shaq on the Twitter, you know this already, but he said that while in D.C. he wanted to try to just show up at the White House and see if they'd let him in because, well, he's Shaq.

"Question, I'm n dc, think if I walk up to the white house, they let me in, I kno the answer, let me kno wht u think, o yea I'm wearin shrts"

Well, apparently his shorts didn't go over so well, because a few hours later he tweeted, "The white house wouldn't let me in, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy."

Read more about the attempt in the Sports Bog.

But who needs the White House when you can hang out with cute, cuddly pandas instead?  Play us out, Communist panda!

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