Redskins' Running Back Leaves Camp

Redskins running back leaves camp and hasn’t come back

Cuts are common this time of year on many football teams. But a player cutting himself from the team is pretty rare. That, however, is almost exactly what one Redskin did this week.

Running back James Davis was considered the team’s fourth-string back. But instead of trying to work his way up the depth chart, Davis skipped out on practice all together. He missed both practices Monday and Mike Shanahan said he had no idea where he was.

But this morning we got some more possible insight into the situation. According to a post on ESPN 980’s Facebook page, Davis left a team meeting and film session unexcused after allegedly getting into an argument with a coach. Davis apparently wanted more playing time.

On Tuesday, Shanahan elaborated a bit, saying that he think Davis retired, and that he could get find $20,000 for every day of camp he misses, according to News4's Dan Hellie.  If you're wondering, Shanahan said that Davis might have made $1,500 in camp before leaving.

In a tweet posted on an account appearing to be James Davis (@jdavis_24), and retweeted by Redskin Brandon Banks, Davis reportedly said "Please do not believe everything you here people. The story will be released soon. The real truth of the story."

So stay tuned...

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