Royals Graphic Says Bryce Harper Plays for Tigers, Named ‘Bryce Hunter'

It's Friday, so let's go off the reservation a little bit (or more than usual).

Let's play a game. Take a look at the graphic below -- actually aired during a Kansas City Royals game on Fox Sports Kansas City -- and tell me what's wrong with it. I'll wait.

(Photo credit: @rebeccapbp)

You good? Alright. Well, of course, the most egregious error (with a local twist!) is that whoever created this graphic believed that Bryce Harper is actually "Bryce Hunter" and that he plays for the Detroit Tigers, who I believe will be upset with the fact that he's wearing a Nationals hat.

That's not all, though. Here are some other mistakes:

  1. "Matt Jones" is a former NFL wide receiver who had trouble with the law and is now working as a radio personality in Arkansas. That's not Matt Jones. That's Matt Harvey and he plays for the Mets, not the Orioles.
  2. Manny Machado (semi-local twist!) plays for the Orioles, not the White Sox.
  3. Mike Trout plays for the Angels, though he'll play for the Yankees eventually. They always do...

So if you're struggling to be productive on the last day before a three-day holiday weekend, just remember that no matter how poorly you do your job today, someone's doing it worse.

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