Robert Griffin III Mic'd Up For Win Over Cowboys, Says “Baby” A Lot

During Sunday's victory over the Cowboys, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III was wired for sound, sound that premiered Wednesday on NFL Films' "Sound FX" program.

Unfortunately, videos on aren't embeddable, so go watch it and come back. I'll wait.


Oh, good. You're back. I was getting worried.

Cool, right? Here are some of the highlights:

  • I enjoyed RGIII's exchange with Jason Hatcher after the latter was flagged for roughing the passer late in the fourth quarter. Hatcher insisted that he didn't hit Griffin -- "I didn't touch you in the face, big dog!" -- and Griffin agreed. “I don’t think you did, dog,” he said. “You right. You right.”
  • An observation: Griffin says "baby" a lot. I counted 10. Quite a few "you feel mes," too.
  • Santana Moss embracing RGIII and telling him that "I really appreciate you, man." Cute.
  • Griffin also had some touching words for Tony Romo after the game. "Hey, Tony. I just wanted to say to you, don’t listen to what anybody else is saying about you,” he said. "You’re a great quarterback. This game doesn’t mean anything, you feel me?” Something tells me people in Dallas don't feel the same way.

I wouldn't be opposed to Griffin doing a few more of these, baby. You feel me?

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