Riggins Stands by Criticism of Redskins

WASHINGTON -- A former Washington Redskins great's criticism of owner Dan Snyder has caused quite a stir, but John Riggins isn't backing down.

On his WTOP Radio Ask Riggo program Wednesday, Riggins more than hinted at the lack of love lost between himself and Snyder and fielded calls from fans. The idea of a hostile takeover and fans being shareholders like they are in Green Bay crossed the airwaves.

"It seems like they're doing swimmingly up there, and it does work for Green Bay," Riggins said. "Of course this town is so divisive, and that's the beauty of it isn't it? That Washington, D.C., as divisive as this town is, you talk to anybody, this is that one thing -- and that's why it's so problematic for people -- it's the one thing that unites this town."

Lately, fans can only unite in hopes of a better 2010 season, but that only goes so far.

At least one popular sports pub seems to be losing business because of the Skins' 2-6 season.

"Sundays used to be slammed," said Carrie Tucker, of Crystal City Sports Pub. "Everyone was excited, everyone was drinking. Since then my pay has dropped significantly. It's like crickets in here."

Another sports pub took out an ad in Friday's Express sarcastically thanking Snyder for destroying the team.

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